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The activities of the Association cover such aspects as:

  • providing access of the representatives of the scientific, research and cultural community to the European and world-wide communication and information resources and networks;
  • development and organization of educational courses, seminars and learning, including the distant one for the scientific and research community;
  • stimulation of the development and presentation, as well as practical implementation of vanguard computer and information technologies and multimedia information services;
  • publication of bulletins and other information materials aiming at promoting (advertising) the Association activities;
  • all lawful activities, connected with the development of information and communication technologies.

The scope of the supplementary business activities enlists:

  • providing consultations and expert assistance for development, application, support and execution of projects in the area of information and communication technologies;
  • training in the field of information and communication technology applications;
  • organization of conferences, seminars, symposia, meetings, courses and practical training to resolve organizational, intellective (creative) and legal issues, connected with the cybernetic space and implementation of new information and communication technologies, as well as translation and publication of complementary literature, reference books, multimedia carriers and other educational appliances;
  • development and maintenance of Internet portals for exchange of information and ideas among research network users, and among the various strata of society and different social groups, using the new information technologies;
  • providing access to world research networks and information resources of Bulgarian organizations and representatives (workers) in the fields of science, education and culture;
  • participation in projects in the area of information and communication technologies, as well as other activities, connected with the basic aims of the Association.