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The aims of the Association are:

  • to promote the development and management of research networks and the integration of Bulgarian educational, scientific and cultural resources in the world information society;
  • to facilitate the participation of Bulgarian researchers, scholars, lecturers and students, as well as universities and other higher educational institutions in European and international projects, demanding access to high speed research infrastructure;
  • to further stimulate the Bulgarian scientific community and all Bulgarian citizens to completely use pan-European and world scientific networks.

The means to reach the Association’s aims are:

  • providing the universities, higher educational and scientific institutions with the necessary information infrastructure to develop and maintain research and other information networks;
  • determining the conditions for joint activities of higher educational and scientific institutions with the information infrastructure and providing its connection to the pan-European research network;
  • development and maintenance of virtual spaces (Internet portals) for exchange of information and ideas among research network users;
  • providing help and participating in projects and activities, connected with the development of information technologies in Bulgaria and abroad;
  • support to the education and qualification of researchers, students and specialists, working in the area of information technologies;
  • providing help to the universities, educational and scientific institutions, offering education in the area of information and communication technologies.