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IPv6 in BREN

As the world is still preparing for the real deployment and adoption of the new Internet Protocol, IPv6 training and experimentation will get more important. The IPv6 test laboratory of BREN gives the opportunity to develop a solid experiment base for the new protocol that will help ensure the interrupted online functioning of institutions and companies.

IPv6 research projects of BREN:

  • 6DEPLOY (IPv6 Deployment and Support) – ongoing
  • 6DISS (IPv6 Dissemination and Exploitation) – completed

BREN IPv6 test lab was officially opened on 12 March 2008 and is located in the building of Executive Agency ECNIS on 6 Gurko str., Sofia. It is a part of a global network of IPv6 test and training labs like the one in the French Research Network RENATER. The purpose of the lab is to ensure open environment to test solutions, configurations and applications based on IPv6. Internet experts, scientists, state administration servants and telecommunications specialists have the possibility to experiment (on site or with remote access) different innovative solutions related to IPv6 deployment. The laboratory is accessible in Internet via IPv4 and IPv6 through the pan-European research network GEANT which is fully IPv6 enabled and covers considerable part of the IPv6 traffic in Europe.
The lab equipment was donated by Cisco Systems. "As a company with roots in education it is our pleasure to support the research society in Bulgaria and Europe with this donation. Cisco has proven its intentions to serve as a catalyst of technology innovation growth and we see a unique opportunity for the Bulgarian scientists and entrepreneurs to develop new technologies and applications based on future standards as IPv6", said Kaan Terzioglu – Cisco vice president for emerging markets.
The BREN IPv6 test-lab opening was also the official start of the project 6DEPLOY financed by the EC 7th Framework R&D progam. Together with BREN there are 12 other partners in this project that is focused on IPv6 training and deployment support.

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BREN IPv6 Test Lab Openning of BREN IPv6 Test Lab